Future of Physical and Hybrid Events

Today, we are moving towards the digital era at a breakneck pace. And we should not neglect it as it’s not going anywhere soon. It has pushed every industry to acquire new and innovative ways to connect with its target audience. Even event management companies have found the right balance between physical, virtual events, and” …Read more

Finding the right balance between Physical and Virtual Events:

Virtual events took a leap due to covid 19. We were pushed to opt for digital-only exhibitions and events and these definitely changed the course of event marketers and their strategies. However, no matter how much these virtual alternatives bloom, this does not mean the physical events will get lost. Because today in order to” …Read more

Physical Events vs Virtual Events: Which one is better in today’s time?

In today’s era, the most common norm which we get to hear is “go virtual” and with that, there is an eventual rise in the rise of virtual event companies. Every other marketer and organizer in different parts of the world are using the technology of powerful virtual events to keep their business running successfully” …Read more

Virtual Events Services in Dubai

The world has experienced a major change after the pandemic. Everything either stopped or shifted to virtual existence. And so are the events and event management companies in Dubai. The significance of hosting a virtual event is now understood by everyone. There are so many benefits in virtual events like reach, type of event, guests,” …Read more

5 Best Strategies To Market Your Virtual Event

Virtual and online events are becoming common in this modern era. Whether there is a private function, social affair, meetings, discussions, promotions, or any other gathering, conducting virtual events has become quite popular. Even a remote or a local event is also marketed on online platforms to increase its reach. To be competitive, interactive activities” …Read more

8 Things to Keep in Mind While Seeking Virtual Event Services

The very first step when you plan a virtual event is having a meeting with a virtual event partner as it might be a new concept to you, and you should leave it to the experts. Most virtual event partners leave no stone unturned to replicate the physical in-person experience in a virtual environment. Now” …Read more

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