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Exhibition Stall Stands: Innovative and Appealing Marketing

Date posted: November 14, 2018

Customers at a company event will form their first impressions of your business based on the exhibition stand that are used. Benefits of Exhibition Stands Custom exhibition is attractive, innovative and unique and goes beyond just showcasing of products and services. Theme stands do better than conventional stands simply because they make a positive first impression by conveying information about your brand in a most appealing manner. At large events, multiple brands will be competing for attention and usually resort to using the services of creative exhibition stand manufacturers in Dubai. Research proves that the window period or opportunity to gain a customers’ interest is very small and therefore creating a strong impression is a prerogative. Smart companies are aware that themed exhibition stands can help convey their brand and its values very clearly. With endless possibilities available, the range of themes can depend on the season, the event or... Read more

Decipher the Secret to Organising a Successful Gala Event

Date posted: October 23, 2018

Wondering what can be that one corporate event- capable of combining the best of both the worlds- the decorum of a formal dinner with a dash of fun? There is just one type of event that can effortlessly bridge the two ends of the party spectrum - the‘Gala Event’! It offers the perfect mix of business decorum, entertainment, dinner and if needed, an enforced dress code. For corporate houses, Gala Events can be the ideal occasion to attract potential investors, spread brand awareness or impress high-end clients. There is a multitude of exhibition & event companies in Dubai, which complemented with luxurious hotels and booming international economic presence, makes the city the number one destination for high profile corporate events. Corporate event organisers in Dubai, like Innovation Dynamics, work hard and think outside the box to add that much-needed panache to events like Gala dinners. While there is no easy-to-replicate... Read more

Why You Should Hire Us as Your Event Planning Company in Dubai

Date posted: September 28, 2018

When you’re planning for a vacation, honeymoon or a quick weekend getaway, Dubai is the first destination that comes to mind. With beautiful buildings like the BurjKhalifa, sandy beaches, and majestic malls, Dubai has become a world leader in business and tourism. This small island has revolutionized tourism and continues to push boundaries with its daring architecture and glamorous hotels. The preference of Dubai as a destination for tourism and business has also caught the attention of corporates and entrepreneurs. Naturally, events have been the best way for companies to get noticed and build networks. Read more