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Our Exhibition Stand Was Almost Demolished but Was Saved By Our Exhibition Contractor

We go to a lot of exhibitions in our area because they can help us to attract new customers towards the business. One day we had to face a nightmare, when our exhibition stand almost got demolished.

Our Exhibition Stand

Luckily, we have taken the service of one of the best fit out companies Dubai and they came to our rescue within a short period of time. I’ll share my experience with fit out works Dubai Company and how they saved our day. The company we hired was Innovation Dynamics.

This incident took place in an exhibition that was held in Middle East last year. Since we had a lot of experience in organizing exhibitions throughout the world, we didn’t worry about anything. In fact, everything went pretty smoothly and we got the opportunity to get the stand done two days before the exhibition.

It was created as per our requirements and we were extremely satisfied with the final output. This unexpected incident took place on the day before exhibition. Actually we were getting some rest on that day because we didn’t have any work to do at all. We were just placing the products in the stand and looking for the best positions to place them.

Our stand was located next to a stand that showcased heavy vehicles. Unfortunately, one of those vehicles was positioned on an incline towards our stand. Due to some unfortunate reason, that vehicle decided to roll down towards our stand.

 I witnessed everything and I could not believe my eyes as everything took place within a couple of seconds. Luckily nobody was hurt during this incident and we had to go through the hassle of creating our booth again from the scratch.

Nothing came to my mind for at least half an hour. In fact, some of our staff members decided to walk away from the exhibition as it was scheduled to begin on the next day. Then I thought of giving a call to the exhibition stand company Dubai and asking for help.

 In fact, it was the last option available for us and I never thought they would offer any sort of help for us with just a short notice. Luckily they answered the phone and said that they would come to the exhibition venue within a couple of minutes.

They came along with all the required tools and promised me that they can repair the stand back to its original condition before the exhibition. I asked them to proceed with it since we didn’t have any other option. They worked hard throughout the entire night and helped us to get back our stand before the next day morning.

 I was there along with them throughout the night and they were extremely committed towards their work. It is one of the best exhibition stand design companies Dubai and any person who is looking to get an exhibition stand created can think of contacting them without any doubt on mind.