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Decipher the Secret to Organising a Successful Gala Event

Wondering what can be that one corporate event- capable of combining the best of both the worlds- the decorum of a formal dinner with a dash of fun?

There is just one type of event that can effortlessly bridge the two ends of the party spectrum – the‘Gala Event’! It offers the perfect mix of business decorum, entertainment, dinner and if needed, an enforced dress code. For corporate houses, Gala Events can be the ideal occasion to attract potential investors, spread brand awareness or impress high-end clients.

There is a multitude of exhibition & event companies in Dubai, which complemented with luxurious hotels and booming international economic presence, makes the city the number one destination for high profile corporate events.

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Corporate event organisers in Dubai, like Innovation Dynamics, work hard and think outside the box to add that much-needed panache to events like Gala dinners. While there is no easy-to-replicate formula for making events successful – each is different and requires the organisers to think creatively – there are some steps that are common to every perfect event.

1.Have a plan

The first step, towards a great event, is having predefined goals and very detailed plans to achieve it. Even if you have hired the best corporate event organisers, it is essential for the host to set their own goals and ensure that the event organisers understand them fully. As a host, you need to clearly identify the audience, the budget and what you want to achieve with the event.

2.Theme and Invitations

Establish a theme that connects well with your audience; a theme that resonates with them! Then add a cherry on the cake with invitations designed as per your topic and audience type!

Invitations offer the first taste of what your gala dinner event will be like and if you want to ensure that your event is well attended then an invitation that stands out and is remembered is absolutely necessary.

3.Entertainment and Catering

Needless to say, the entertainment and the food will be the stars of the event. Get creative while planning your entertainment. Apart from theme music, you can incorporate impromptu rap artists, live performances, dance acts, caricaturists, magicians, stand up comedians and so much more – exhibition &event companies in Dubai are fortunate enough to have a vast variety of entertainment options to choose from.

Just pay close attention to your audiences’ age, profession and interests before coming up with an entertainment plan. The line between boring and too much is a thin one and needs careful handling.

Same goes for the dinner menu and catering. The biggest mistake,the majority of corporate event organisers commit, is overtly pretentious food. Sure, it’s Dubai- the cosmopolitan capital of the world- but don’t overlook the taste.

4.Plan and schedule right to the minutest details

Plan and schedule the entire event, right up to the tiniest details. A well-planned event can survive a lot of last-minute glitches- with staff, entertainment or dinner. Always have a plan B, even if there is a 0.001% chance of mismanagement. It is better to be prepared beforehand than be sorry later.

5.End the night on a bright note

The perfect gala night always ends on a high note- with a bang! Leave your guests wanting more and super excited for the next event. You can be creative here and explore options, like- sending them off on retro-inspired carriages or end the night with a fiery fireworks display. Set your imagination free and come up with ‘awe’ worthy options.

A successful gala event isn’t rocket science. Experience, creativity,and micromanagement can turn a boring snooze fest into a delightful evening. You can find some of the most polished and premier corporate event organisers in Dubai, which makes the city a safe bet to host your companies next Gala Event.

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